At Bethany, we offer two to meet a variety of needs. We have Sunday morning services at 8 am and 10:30 am. We also offer worship services online, accessible 24/7. Our diversity offers something for everyone, ranging from traditional services with classic hymns to modern, contemporary services. We hope you find a service that best suits you and we welcome you to join us!

Macungie Campus

The Macungie Campus is the most recent addition to our campuses. This campus was the goal of one of our Kingdom Building Missions and is now the main site for our current services and events.

macungie campus

3801 Brookside Rd
Macungie, PA 18062

Sunday Services

8:00 am – Traditional
9:15 am – Sunday School
10:30 am – Modern

Wescosville Campus

The Wescosville Campus is where the story of Bethany began. Since the building of the Macungie Campus, the Wescosville Campus has served as our Office and place for most of our activities from small groups, to youth, to preschool.


1208 Brookside Rd
Wescosville, PA 18106

Wednesday Services

5:15 pm Family Night
(For more details on Family Night see Commonly Asked Questions)

Commonly Asked Questions

What is Traditional Worship?

A Traditional worship service: Often has songs performed by a choir or a soloist with a few congregational hymns inserted.

Traditional worship songs: Are often “about” God. The words of the hymns and anthems talk about the attributes and activities of God. Also, the classic hymns can do a great job of teaching theology.

In a Traditional worship service: Music is typically broken up into segments around prayers, welcome, announcements, and other items. It often is more structured in nature. Typically, there is a high regard for liturgy, prayer, and creeds – with also a heavy emphasis on the exegesis of scripture.

What is Modern Worship?

Modern worship takes seriously God’s desire for us to sing a new song. There will never be a moment for all of eternity that the well of worship will run dry. God is infinite and so our praise is endless.

Modern worship is musically diverse. Modern worship is typically diverse in structure. This lends to music that is slightly more musically diverse than classic hymns, but slightly less lyrically diverse. 

Modern worship is joyful. A healthy worshiping body includes both calm and contemplative moments as well as dynamic moments of praise and weeks that are more reverent and weeks that are more jubilant.

Modern worship is theologically solid. Much of the new worship music being written today is facing a harder theological litmus test than the basic worship choruses of the past. It is because of this that we can now sing modern worship choruses with rich depth, full of theological truth.

How does Wednesday Family Night at Wescosville Campus Work?

Bring the whole family to the Wescosville Campus anytime between 5:15 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. for a free chef-prepared meal.  We’ll eat together and then split up by age:  2 years old – 5th grade head off to AWANA, 6th grade – 12th grade go to the Youth Group meeting, and adults split up into various pre-arranged group life studies. 

What are the Emergency Cancellation Procedures for Services?

In the case of inclement weather or power outages, any cancellation information will be posted at the top of all pages of this website. You can also check WFMZ-TV for cancellations. Additionally, we will utilize a phone tree which will update you on the status of our worship services.

In the event worship services are cancelled on Sunday morning, a traditional service at 1:00 pm and a modern service at 3:00 pm on Sunday will be offered, weather permitting.