Who We Are

It is our Mission here at Bethany Church to Love, Obey and Proclaim Jesus Christ.

To drive that Mission, we seek to live into the Vision God gave us: to be a Church that Proclaims the transforming power of Jesus Christ; inviting others into that experience. 

We have several Values we do not compromise here at Bethany Church: We are a Gospel-centric, family-oriented faith community, committed to outreach and discipleship. 

We’re all about family, and this approach to ministry is about taking Christ and putting Him into our life, in all aspects and at every stage. Everything we do is about individuals growing in Christ. Evangelism and Discipleship permeate all our ministries.

Come Visit Us!

Make your visit to Bethany special and personal. Choose a service and a location to meet and we’ll set up an itinerary just for you! A team member will meet you on that special day and guide you through your visit answering any questions you may have.

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