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Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.

Matthew 28:19-20

Bethany Church firmly recognizes the calling that each believer has from Jesus to “Go and Tell”. That is why we believe the Great Commission goes beyond simply supporting missions with our money. It requires personal investments of prayer, resources and service – and it is through these things that He uses us to reach those who still need to hear the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Bethany Missions Team

Julie DiGiacomo (Chair), Deb Miller (Secretary), Mike Witmer (Finance Chair), John MacDonald, John Andreas, Darlene Andreas, Bud Reed, Elaine Reed, Karen Loar, Marlene Dorman, and Steve Skekel

Current Mission Needs

Here are the two missions we are actively collecting donations on behalf of. For the 2021 VBS missions we have partnered with the following programs:

Local Mission

We are collecting school supplies for Union Terrace Elementary School in Allentown. These supplies will significantly help both students and teachers in the upcoming school year. Please consider donating during the week of Vacation Bible School (June 21-25). 

The school has given a list of items they are in need of:

  • Backpacks
  • Pencils
  • Pencil boxes/zipper bags
  • Pencil sharpeners
  • Erasers or eraser tops
  • Boxes of crayons (K-2)
  • Boxes of markers or colored pencils (grades 3-5) 
  • Wide rule notebooks
  • Dry erase markers 
  • Personal hand sanitizers 
  • Chapstick 
  • Child scissors 
  • Highlighters 
  • Glue sticks 
  • Folders 
  • Construction paper 
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Tissue boxes
  • Large hand sanitizer for classrooms

Global Mission

We have partnered with Operation Kid to Kid to help families in the mountains of Ecuador purchase an Alpaca! 

Alpacas help provide a critical source of income on family farms and can significantly increase the quality of life for so many children. 

Learn more about Operation Kid to Kid, Livestock by visiting their website here

All monetary donations are welcomed and appreciated. As a guide we recommend a $10 offering to help these needy families in Ecuador. 

To donate to this cause, please send your donations in with your child during VBS or see one of the leadership staff. 

Prayer Support

Bethany Missions encourages the entire congregation to pray for our missionaries and agencies. Each week there is a different prayer request in our worship bulletin and from time to time B-Mails are sent to our congregation concerning mission prayer requests.

Monetary Support

Every missionary, mission agency or cause must have the personal recommendation of a member of Bethany Church. The Mission Administrative Team interviews all applicants and approves funding. The annual mission budget is then approved by the Church Council.

Personal Involvement

Besides monetary support, it is a goal of Bethany Missions to enable our own members to be involved in missionary work. Bethany Missions offers a wide variety of Short Term Mission Trips or projects locally, nationally and globally. Contact the church office for more information.

Our Missions Partners

Learn more about each of the missions we support at Bethany.

College & Youth Missions

These are the missions that we support that are serving youth and college students:

(Click on a link below to learn more about these missions)

Eric & Deb Reidy – CRU, FamilyLife Today     Orlando, FL

Eric & Deb Reidy CRU Bio Page

Reidy Family Blog

David & Megan Royes – DiscipleMakers     Lehigh Valley, PA

David & Megan Royes DiscipleMakers Staff Profile

Keith & Sarah Evans – DiscipleMakers     Lebanon, PA

Keith & Sarah Evans DiscipleMakers Staff Profile

Daniel Jones – InterVarsity     Canada

Daniel Jones InterVarsity Bio

Young Life – Young Life Lehigh Valley     Lehigh Valley, PA

Young Life Lehigh Valley Website

Tim & Kellie Henderson – Blue Ridge Fellows     Roanoke, VA

Tim Henderson Blue Ridge Fellows Bio

Local Missions

These are the missions that we support locally:

(Click on a link below to learn more about these missions)

Fred Sorrick – CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) of the Lehigh Valley     Lehigh Valley, PA

CEF Website

Bright Hope – Bright Hope of the Lehigh Valley     Lehigh Valley, PA

Bright Hope Website

Ecumenical Soup Kitchen – Catholic Charities     Allentown, PA

Ecumenical Soup Kitchen Webpage

Jerusalem House – Jerusalem House Ministries     Allentown, PA

Jerusalem House Facebook Page

Family Promise – Family Promise of the Lehigh Valley     Allentown, PA

Family Promise Website

Family Promise Facebook Page

Yokefellow Prison Ministry – Yokefellow Prison Ministries     Lehigh Valley, PA

Yokefellow Prison Ministry Website

Ecumenical Food Bank – Allentown Area Ecumenical Food Bank     Allentown, PA

Ecumenical Food Bank Website

WBPH – WBPH-TV CH60     Allentown, PA

WBPH Website

WJCS – WJCS-FM 89.3     Allentown, PA

WJCS Website

Steve Fessler – Priority One Men’s Ministries     Allentown, PA

Steve Fessler Priority One Bio

Everlasting Life – Everlasting Life Ministries     Allentown, PA

Everlasting Life Website

Athletes for the Cross (AFC) – Bethany Church     Lehigh Valley, PA

AFC Website

AFC Facebook Page

Dough2Door – Bethany Church     Lehigh Valley, PA

Dough2Door Website

Dough2Door Facebook Page

Domestic Missions

These are the missions that we support outside of the Lehigh Valley throughout the United States:

(Click on a link below to learn more about these missions)

Chris & Deb Bowers – Wycliffe Bible Translators, JAARS, Moody     Colbert, WA

Chris Bowers Moody Bio

David & Linda Flamm – Arctic Barnabas Ministries     Kenai, AK

David & Linda Flamm Arctic Barnabas Bio

Mark & Patty Tracy – Frontiers     Virginia

Frontiers Website

Shane Manney – 5 Stones Fight Club     Hummelstown, PA

Shane Manney 5 Stones Fight Club Bio

Todd & Lynda Pearage – Standing Stone Ministries     Pottstown, PA

Todd Pearage Standing Stone Bio

Red Bird Mission – Red Bird Mission, Inc.     Beverly, KY

Red Bird Mission Website

Agape Love From Above – Agape Love From Above Ministry     Bloomsburg, PA

Agape Love From Above Website

International Missions

These are the missions that we support throughout the world:

(Click on a link below to learn more about these missions)

Bill & Christy – Operation Mobilization     Middle East

Operation Mobilization Website

Nathan & Cindy – The Master’s Mission     North Africa

The Master’s Mission Website

Liz Loeffler – Greater Europe Mission     Lancaster, PA

Greater Europe Mission Website

Brian & Patricia Fink – NAIM (North American Indigenous Ministries)     Abernathy, SK Canada

Brian & Patricia Fink NAIM Bio

David & Conce Roof – One Mission Society     Icoaraci-Para, Brazil

David & Conce Roof One Mission Society Bio

Pastor Martha Nganga – Faith Word Academy     Africa

Carmelo & Joyce Echem – Word of Life/Seaside Bible Camp     Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

Carmelo & Joyce Echem Word of Life Bio

Efthymios & Erinin Siourkiouroglou – Fellowship International Missions     Greece

Fellowship International Mission Website

Crossroads Center – Fellowship International Missions     Greece

Nikki Clark – NAIM (North American Indigenous Ministries) Air Ronge, SK Canada

Nikki Clark NAIM Bio

Jesse & Jeryvee Schreck – Practical Missions Cohort     Udine, Italy

Jesse & Jeryvee Schreck Practical Missions Cohort Bio

Ted & Helen Nickelsburgs – Go To Nations     North Asia

Go To Nations Website

Francisco De Souza – Fellowship International Mission     Allentown, PA

James & Robin Heimburger – United World Mission     Mexico City, Mexico

Jim & Robin Heimburger United World Mission Bio

Tom & Alicia Vosters – World Team     Cambodia

World Team Website

Terri & Rachel Miles – Wycliffe Bible Translators     SE Asia

Wycliffe Website

Neil & Janeen Newman – CMF International     Ivory Coast, Africa

Neil & Janeen Newman CMF International Bio

Rick Tunis – Royal Charis Relief   Kenya, Africa

Royal Charis Website

Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf – American Ministry to the Deaf     Jamaica

Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf Website

Orphan Resources – Orphan Resources International     Guatemala

Orphan Resources International Website

Volunteer Registration

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