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Vision Statement

To bring Non- Christians and un-churched men into a relationship with Jesus Christ and to encourage Christian men to “Stand up for Jesus”, and effectively serve him.  

Mission Statement

To bring every man into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to provide opportunities for men to build strong relationships with other men and grow as followers of Christ, thereby becoming leaders who serve the Lord at home, at work, at church and at play.

Priority Statement

Encouraging men to: Be the spiritual leaders of their homes, Build a strong spiritual relationship with Christ, Build solid relationships with other Christian Men.

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“No Woman Left Behind”

Vision Statement

Bethany Women’s Ministry is a Christ centered community that seeks to ensure women in all seasons of life attending Bethany feel connected and are engaged. We will host quality activities, events and platforms that promote spiritual growth in their
personal relationships with Christ, family, church and community.

Mission Statement

Bethany Women’s Ministry exists to encourage women through God’s love by providing a welcoming and supportive environment.  We cultivate spiritual growth by
sharing God’s Word and following Jesus’ examples.  We build community by
offering all women opportunities to connect and develop relationships. 

Operating Principles

To encourage women through God’s Love, cultivate spiritual growth, and build community.

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“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.”  Acts 2:42

You are invited to be a part of Group Life at Bethany!  Group Life has something for everyone.  Below, you can read about the different types of groups which are a part of Group Life at Bethany. In our journey as disciples of Jesus, God involves other people to strengthen and to encourage us. Group Life allows us to come together to study, pray, and build relationships so we can grow to be more like Jesus. You do not need to be a church member to participate in Group Life at Bethany.


 Please contact Donna Barnwell, Pastor for Discipleship, in the church office for more information at  Groups and classes held via zoom are noted as such. All other groups and classes are meeting in person.

For more information about Group Life Bible Studies at Bethany, Download the Bethany Church App or stop by the booth in the Narthex.

Sunday School Classes

Adult Sunday School class gather together for one hour on Sunday mornings at the church. Topics for Adult Sunday School include books of the bible and other related faith topics. Some Adult Sunday School classes are short term and other classes are ongoing.

Short Term Groups

These groups come together for a specific amount of time for the purpose of doing a short-term study together.  Some studies are 4 weeks long, some 6 weeks, and some as many as 12 weeks. Various topics are explored in short term groups:  parenting, spiritual gifts, books of the bible, stewardship, and other Christian life topics. Most short-term study groups meet at the church once a week.

Life Groups

Life Groups are groups of people that come together with the intention of staying together long term and “doing life together”.  Typically, Life Groups form around being in the same stage of life or a common interest.  Life Groups go beyond Bible study time to genuinely being involved in each other’s lives.  Studies and social activities are chosen by the people in the groups and relate to living out our faith.  Life Groups meet at the church or in homes once a week or every other week.

Want to know more?

Fill out the brief form below and the Pastor of Discipleship will contact you. You do not need to be a member to be participate in Group Life.

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