Teaching the Spiritual Discipline of Giving Tithes and Offerings

As committed followers of Jesus, God requires us to bring in tithes and offerings. At Bethany we believe that teaching kids these principles is important.

Along with the spiritual disciplines of prayer, Bible study, worship, and service, the Bethany Children’s Ministry wants to teach the discipline of tithing and offering in order that our kids become fully-formed, responsible followers of Christ.

To this end, we will be collecting an offering every Sunday in each of the Preschool classrooms and passing offering plate in Kids’ Church to mirror the experience of the adult worship service and to teach them what it means to be a member of the church.

We are asking you as parents and guardians to encourage your child to begin bringing tithes and offerings to the weekend classes on a regular basis.

Children naturally follow parental examples, so use your own giving as a strong model for your little ones. The combination of formal instruction and your example should get your kids into the giving discipline.