Get Connected to Small Groups at Bethany

Small Groups provide an opportunity to deepen your love and commitment to God.  Here at Bethany, we have opportunities for you to connect with others through many different small groups, studies and classes for adults.  These studies teach you to grow in your spiritual journey as well as participate in Christian fellowship with one another outside of Worship.  Please look under the categories for topics that interest you.  We hope that one will match your needs.
If you have any questions or are interested in joining a group, email Keri Crawford or call her in the church office at 610-395-3613 x 33.  New information will be posted as it becomes available.
  • Sunday Mornings:  Men, Women and mixed groups connecting every Sunday morning for Bible study or topical content.
  • Co-Ed Classes:  Co-Ed groups connecting during the work week for Bible Study or topical content.
  • Men:  Men connecting with men during the work week for Bible study or topical content.
  • Women:  Women connecting with women during the work week for Bible study or topical content.
  • Small Groups:  Small groups making your church experience more intimate by joining together with other Christians for fellowship, Bible or topical study and life application.
  • Support & Recovery:  Groups that focus on supporting the church and our community through comfort and with grace.