Online Tithe Instructions

Here are some brief instructions to the new system:

The first time you access the system please follow the instructions below to begin using On-Line Giving through the On-Line Givers Portal.

  1. Click on the box "Bethany Church Giver's Portal"
  2. Click on the box "New Users"
  3. Click on the line "Search by my contact info"
  4. Enter the requested  information. (Last Name is usually enough)
  5. Click submit and then select your name
  6. Click on the email address that you want your login and password information to be sent.

An email is automatically generated and sent with your login information and password to your designated email address. When you receive this email return to Bethany Church Giver's Portal then enter your Username and Password and click the box "Login"

Once you login into the system you will be able to choose from three options:

  1. My Accounts
  2. My Recurring Gifts
  3. My Giving History

You enter your bank information in "My Accounts"

In "My Recurring Gifts" you will choose the amount and frequency of your donations as well as to which account you would like the gift applied to: Worship Offerings, Missions, Kingdom Building, etc.

"My Giving History" allows you to review your contributions to Bethany.

PLEASE contact the office with any questions or concerns you may have and ask for Dan Heinmets- 610-395-3613

Click here to enter the Bethany Church Giver's Portal