Online Game Resources for Kids

There are several benefits to playing online educational games with your child. Here are a few to consider:

  • Hand Eye Coordination: using the mouse helps refine hand & eye coordination (clicking, dragging, and dropping).
  • Encourages Creativity: paint programs and games allow children to experiment with colors and different materials (paint brushes, spray paint, buckets, etc.) This also teaches children cause & effect.
  • Problem Solving: There are many games that help build problem solving skills, whether it be a matching game or a puzzle to solve.
  • Identification & Recognition: Many preschool-focused games have children practice identifying numbers, shapes, colors, letters, sounds, and even animals
  • Interactive or Social: Children's computer time should always be monitored, so it can be a social time with mom, dad, or siblings
  • Computer Knowledge: Technology is influencing more people and at younger ages. Children need to know how to properly operate a computer, use a mouse & keyboard, and even how to turn on the sound.  
Some Online Game Resources:


The Beginners Bible

Cyberkidz Games

Disney Junior

Faith Playground


Fun Brain

Highlights Kids



PBS Kids

Sesame Street

Star Fall


Storyline Online



Sweet and Sassy

Switcheroo Zoo

Veggie Tales