Welcome to Bethany Church’s Mission Ministry

Bethany Missions dollars and efforts support local mission work, state and national mission work and global mission work.

Each ministry that we support fulfills our Church’s mission statement: “To Love, Obey and Proclaim Jesus Christ.” We do not give mission dollars to secular nonprofit groups.

Monetary Support: Every missionary, mission agency or cause must have the personal recommendation of a member of Bethany Church. The Mission Administrative Team interviews all applicants and approves funding. The annual mission budget is then approved by the Church Council.

Personal Involvement: Besides monetary support, it is a goal of Bethany Missions to enable our own members to be involved in missionary work. Bethany Missions offers a wide variety of Short Term Mission Trips or projects locally, nationally and globally. Contact Rev. Gordon Hendrickson (our STM Consultant) to become involved in a mission trip or project.

Prayer Support: Bethany Missions encourages the entire congregation to pray for our missionaries and agencies. Each week there is a different prayer request in our worship bulletin and from time to time B-Mails are sent to our congregation concerning mission prayer requests.

Acts6 under the direction of Rev. Gordon Hendrickson is a ministry that reaches out in our annual conference in educating laity who wish to become local pastors and serve churches. Acts6 also sponsors short term mission trips to several countries. These trips normally include educating clergy, children’s ministry, medical ministry and building projects.

As a part of the Kingdom Builder’s tithe, mission dollars were given to OMS to assist in building a Bible College and Seminary in Mozambique. $100,000.00 dollars was given to complete this school, which is now fully operational.

Learn more about some of the students we support at the Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf.

Allentown Children's Project

  • The Allentown Children's Project

This ministry is through a local team from Bethany Church. They package bags of groceries for 30 children each week during the school year. The children at Sherdian Elementary School receive the food on Friday and take it home in their back packs. This allows them to have food for the weekend, since the school is closed. Contact Brenda Boyle with your interest.

Foods items for the Allentown Children's Project are collected each weekend in the Multi Purpose Room. You may bring your donation there. The bulletin and Bethany Post have a list of items that are needed.

Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf Trip

This is designed as a Mission Retreat. This is a four day trip to Jamaica. You will stay at the Holiday Inn on Montego Bay. Your group will engage in a Bible Study each day. You will travel to the school each day and interact with the students. You may be involved in building repairs, if you have that skill and other projects. See how Bethany Mission dollars are used first hand. These children will touch your heart.

Saving God's Children - On Going Mission Project

·       Savings God’s Children – On Going Mission Project
Saving God’s Children is done in cooperation with Acts6 Ministry. Our goal is to provide education for Christian children, in order to prepare them for the responsibilities of being a Christian Adult. We have these projects in three countries:
Jamaica – through the Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf
Kenya – through consulting with local pastors (from our training schools)
Costa Rica – through the District Superintendent of the UMC in Costa Rica
Gordon Hendrickson maintains close contact with these various countries and often visits locations personally.
Contact Tracey Llado, if you are interested in providing funds for one of these children. We suggest $25.00 per month but, a donation of any size is welcomed.

Saving God's Children - Kenya

What child will be the one who is sent home from school for insufficient funds?  While we were driving on the dirt roads of Kenya, I noticed children walking home from school during the day.  I asked our driver, why are these children leaving school so early?  He told me because they have too much debt on their accounts and cannot attend.  We will have to stop sending support shortly because of lack of sponsors for these children.  We have been using reserve funds. Please pray about it and see what God wants you to do.