Five tips for MEN to communicate better.

Feelings, Feelings, Feelings....Who talks about feelings? We DO!

Women love when men talk about their feelings. But do men like to? No, we know they don't, but by the end of a Marriage Enrichment weekend they will!
    Learn how to communicate better with your spouse, and learn to use the following tips:
    1. Making eye contact and listening
    2. How to feel loved and appreciated
    3. Sharing your marriage hopes and wishes
    4. Finding out your spouses positive qualities
    5. Giving your spouse a gift of love from the heart
     Stay tuned for more tips and tools that you can use everyday in your marriage! 
      Think how much fun you will have sharing a weekend with your spouse, spending quality time together AND making your marriage even better!
       Join us November 21st-23rd!!

Thomas Alderfer