Church Spring Cleaning 2017

April 22, 2017

The church has had a Spring and Fall cleanup day that is handled by the congregants of Bethany for more than 30 yrs (when I first started coming).  As mentioned below there are a variety of outdoor activities that need addressing to keep Bethany looking like the beacon it is in the community...weeding flower beds, mulching, cutting down trees and brush, replacing split rail fencing.
In addition to these activities we need to update the parsonage for the new associate pastor Nelson Alleman and we need the following to be done and we need of your help for the following. Not all can be accomplished next Saturday, but we can start the process 22 April and with your help from now through the second week of June we can get it all done:
Remove the furniture
Deliver furniture to Twice Blessed
Remove wallpaper in 3 rooms and stairwell
Remove some dividing doors
Sealing and priming
Removal of decals in front room.
Clean out basement
Remove carpeting
Empty kitchen cabinets and wipe down cabinets
Fix water drip in a threaded water supply connection 
In Christ,
Erik Dalstad
Chairman of Trustees