Volunteering in Bethany's Children's Ministry


We're a rapidly growing program with many opportunities for you to get involved.  It now takes more than 60 volunteers to run our children's and nursery programs every week!
You can volunteer with any age of children, from infants to 5th grade students.  You can choose to be an up-front leader or a behind-the-scenes mover and shaker.  Feel free to browse and select a position that's right for you.  
Children's Ministry Volunteer Opportunities
Nursery Caregiver

If you love to hold, comfort, and play with babies, the infant or toddler nursery is for you!  Your loving care is the basis for a positive relationship with God and church for years to come.  Plus, the parents get to be ministered in our services while you care for their little ones.  No training necessary to jump in and test this exciting volunteer opportunity during any weekend service or church event. 
Preschool Volunteer Assistants

Jump, play, and sing with the children as they learn about God's love.  No expertise required!  Just a love for young children and a desire to make a lasting difference in their lives!  The Children’s Ministry team prepares the lessons and crafts.  You just show up, play with the children, and assist the lead teacher. 
Elementary/Kids' Church Volunteer Assistants
Children who feel loved and have fun at church are more likely to live for God as they mature.  That's why volunteers laugh, play and sing with the children in Kids' Church.  We're looking for small group assistants for weekend services. 
First Impressions Team
Do you love people?  A smiling face, an encouraging attitude, and the ability to make people feel welcome are all the skills you need for this team!  Come see how easy it is to operate our check-in computers used to register children.  We'll train you on how to print their name tags and security tags for their parents!
Media & Sound
Children today are media savvy and love a good show.  Plus, they learn better when they're having fun!  We now have a custom PowerPoint, video presentations, music videos, and a rockin' soundboard.  Join us and have a blast with Bethany’s elementary age children.  Training is provided.  Assist the Kid’s Church leader to see what this growing ministry is all about. 


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