September 14, 2016 to May 3, 2017

Wednesday Nights 6:00-7:30pm
September 14 to May 3
Awana (derived from the first letters of "Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed" as taken from 2 Timothy 2:15) is a program designed to raise children to know, love and serve Christ.
Awana Club meetings are filled with exciting activities. Special events, individual and team games, individual awards, prizes, and interesting lessons, all to help make boys and girls look forward to each Awana Club night. But, Awana also teaches kids. It teaches them that God is real, that He loves them and that He has expressed that love through Jesus Christ. Kids learn how God can help them in their daily lives. Lessons from the Bible teach them how to honor, love, and live for God in a challenging world.
Awana is split into four age groups: Puggles (2 yr olds), Cubbies (3 & 4 yr old or "the 2 years prior to Kindergarten"), Sparks (Kindergarten, Grade 1 & 2), and Truth & Training (T&T) (for grades 3, 4, & 5).

 The AWANA Registration Fee is $35 per child.

For more information, contact Nicolas Gold, Director of Children's Ministries. - Bethany Children’s Ministry - 610-395-3613, ext. 19