Change the world one student at a time!

Student Ministries (5th-12th): Everyday middle and high school student have people speaking messages into their life; from the hundreds of ads they hear and see every day to the 17.5 hrs of media they consume on a daily basis. What if we took the time to speak truth, love and encouragement into their hearts and mind so that they too might have a meaningful relationship with God and those around them!  That is why we need you to get involved, we need more people speaking the words of life and truth into this young generation – to make an eternal difference!

Dear Potential Youth Ministry Leader,


At Bethany Church, we believe everyone has something to offer and that everyone will be a “10” in some area of our church. Because God has entrusted us with a growing youth ministry, we are constantly looking for men and women of God who might grow into becoming a “10” within our youth ministry. Even if you feel like a “2” right now, I’m thankful you’re willing to explore opportunities to serve God within our ministry. 

I believe, healthy youth ministry is built on healthy relationships—between adult leaders and students. Relationships are key to students feeling loved and understanding God’s love in practical ways. This is when real spiritual growth takes place in a student’s life.

The quality of our staff is very important. We are looking for men and women who have a deep commitment to Christ and a desire to care for students. Please take time to read the following material and fill out the application with prayer and consideration. Because we place great value on this ministry, we also place great value on the health of our staff.

As you know, Bethany is a great church and our youth ministry is a great place to allow your time to make eternal investments in students’ lives! I’m looking forward to meeting with you and spending some time talking about your hopes and desires for ministry. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at Bethany Church.

Excited to partner with you in ministry, 
Phillip Allen
Director Of Student Ministries

Option A: 
Small Group Leader
Wednesday’s 6:30-8
Initial Time Investment: 1.5+ hours weekly
Leading a small group conversation weekly with a group of students and one other adult (when available)

Small Group Leader apprentice (see above): to help lead a small group of students on weekly basis partnering with another adult.

Option B: 
Plugged In Café Leader
Friday’s 7-9pm
Initial Time Investment: 2.15+ hours weekly
Lead during our outreach night. As simple as running our concessions stand or for the more adventurous leading a game or a “station.”

Both of these roles in our ministry have times attached to them, however, the key to building relationships is in the moments that we take that are outside of our normal ministry times, this is where our ministry grows exponentially. The “Plus” moments are what we give above the initial time commitment that we can give to help see growth in the students God has entrusted to us. It might only be 5 minutes this week or maybe an hour extra next week but these moments are crucial to our ministry!
There are many other opportunities to get involved in our ministry. The two listed above are the best places to start. If you have a specific gift and desire, we would love to talk with you about your ideas.

Parent Helpers
Is your student current involved in one of our student ministries? Then why don't you ask them if you can help out with their group. Not only will this give you an opportunity to see what they see and experience what they experience but we guarantee you will enjoy it! Our parent helpers merely show-up each week and make themselves available. They are not asked to teach or lead anything out of their comfort zone (unless they want to).

Time Commitment: 
Varies with program time

Safe Sanctuaries is the only training required.